Property Owners and Managers for 70+ Years

We are a values-based company.  Our four values, Integrity, Do It Right, Service, and Economic Stewardship, guide how we treat people and determine how we make decisions, interact with others, and plan for the future.  We have owned and managed income real estate properties in Portland, Oregon, for over 70 years. It is our mission to provide our apartment residents and retail lessees with quality space and superior customer service.

Four Values We Live By

  • Integrity


    Be honest and respectful. Take responsibility for your own actions. Honor all commitments. Adhere to all policies, procedures, and regulations.

  • Do It Right


    Work from clearly identified expectations and priorities. Strive to achieve the highest standards of quality. Demonstrate passion and initiative at work. Be open to feedback and new ways of doing things. Continuously improve skills and knowledge.

  • Service


    Seek understanding by asking questions and listening. Demonstrate patience and humility. Reach all-win agreements. Work from agreed upon goals.

  • Economic Stewardship


    Invest in essential people and business resources. Seek strong returns on time, energy, and money. Anticipate and adapt to the changing marketplace. Reduce cost and waste.

Our Strategic Vision

We are strategically committed to expansion via development and acquisition of properties in the Portland metro area.  We have experience in real estate development, acquisition, renovation and disposition.  Our strong balance sheet enables us to close transactions in a timely fashion. Well-capitalized with a low debt-asset ratio, we are well-positioned for future growth.