Our Management Philosophy

It is our philosophy that a company can only be as successful as its people. Leadership’s job is to provide the culture, support, information, and training for staff to do their best.

FORWARD-LOOKING and Performance-Oriented

Commerce believes it is crucial to plan for the future and regularly assess how we are performing.

  • Everyone has a forward-looking development plan to build skills in their job.  People receive regular coaching and training to reach their development goals.
  • Properties have annual budgets and Community Managers earn bonuses for hitting income targets.
  • We use key performance indicators to monitor property performance.  Staff can earn bonuses for outstanding achievement.

Continuously Improving

We can always get better.  We have built continuous improvement into our company through:

  • Monthly management meetings that serve as training sessions and problem-solving workshops. 
  • Regular training  in areas like Fair Housing, leadership and customer service. 
  • Information systems that highlight areas for improvement.



We try to make people’s responsibilities very clear.

  • Senior management takes responsibility for strategy, growth, finance, management development and major capital projects.
  • Community Managers run their properties’ daily operations.   
  • Line staff are responsible for their areas of expertise.
  • All team members cultivate and promote our Values.